About Us

Innovative Or Perish

Sileaf is a manufacturer of components required for solar power plants. Innovation is the key to the success of modern technology oriented companies and Sileaf is based on the philosophy of continuous innovation through a disciplined approach and genuine R&D efforts. With R&D centres at three locations in India Sileaf is able to consistently develop path breaking products for future needs and address specific issues.

The products are designed and developed to meet global standards. Sileaf products are appreciated for superior quality at the right price and its widespread nationwide service network, including seven service centres at strategic locations. Sileaf’s smart Solar-DG-Grid controller – SolGriD, highly efficient inverter, Universal data logger and DC water pump are highly appreciated among all segments of buyers.

Made In India

With the ‘India Growth Story’ and focus of Indian government on the renewable energy sector, many entrepreneurs have ventured into this field. With the lack of development in India made it necessary to import most of the key components, these products developed abroad did not suit Indian environment. Most of the system integrators have experienced multiple types of failures. Identifying this as the need of the hour Sileaf has developed highly efficient and robust inverters to suit the harsh Indian environment. Sileaf inverters have been proved to be highly efficient and working seamlessly at solar power plants of varying capacities across India, even at remote locations.
Many remote locations in India are either without power or limited power even now. This becomes a challenge to operate water pump for drinking water or irrigation applications. An AC water pump has limitations while working with solar power. Sileaf has developed DC water pumps of various capacities that seamlessly work on solar power. Sileaf water pump has BLDC (Brushless) motor making it long life and reliable. Being DC water pump it works longer hours than AC water pump, in result delivers better throughout.

Advanced Technology

With the significant growth of the industry, a variety of industrial consumers has realised the advantages of going for renewable energy. Some industries have opted for complex hybrid installations. Such complex installations sometimes have multiple power resources. Efficient synchronisation of various power resources and optimum utilisation becomes a priority in such cases. Arresting reverse power flow to the grid, optimum utilisation in accordance with the spin reverse rating of diesel generator(DG), optimum generation of solar power are key factors to be considered during configuration of such complex installations. Sileaf has developed a smart controller (SolGriD) that can be installed at power plants of various capacities. It takes care of reverse power protection, optimisation of DG utilisation to save the cost of diesel and optimum generation of solar power. It can work with up to four diesel generators, grid power, batteries and solar power. SolGriD regulates the generation of solar power in accordance with load at that time and the specified minimum rating of DG set. It also works as data logger and remote monitoring system.
Sileaf has geared up to launch more products in coming days in view of serving specific needs. SCADA for utility-scale power plants, data loggers with the remote monitoring system, advanced battery packs, a complete solution for large-scale power plants that includes a package of SCADA, remote monitoring and tracker, advanced storage system with Li-ion batteries and so on. With time Sileaf will come up with innovative and robust products that address the ever-evolving needs of the industry.